4 "Do's & Don'ts" lors de l'achat d'une bague!

4 Do's & Dont's when buying a ring!

- Get rid of your ego

One of the golden rules that we insist on when advising our clients is to get rid of your ego. Some people are embarrassed to reveal their budget. You will say it's cliché, but it's really the intention that counts!

- Plan your budget

Planning your budget means first of all setting the amount you are willing to spend. After having created several hundred rings, we judge that the most beautiful are not necessarily the biggest!

Planning your budget also means defining what is important to us. Choosing a larger diamond or choosing a setting with zirconia (cubics zirconia) will directly influence the price of the jewel.

- Discuss it with your partner

The engagement ring is often the piece of jewelry that we keep the longest. Therefore, we suggest that you find out about your partner's tastes directly or through a loved one.

- Get informed!

To understand the advisor's vocabulary, it is best to learn about the characteristics of a ring (eg kt, ct, Canadian diamond, etc.). In this way, you can better communicate your needs to him. In any case, we will be happy to give you a 101 course on engagement rings!

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