Clin d'oeil à nos artistes québécois!

Clin d'oeil à nos artistes québécois!

Local goods are not just synonymous with fairness. In fact, buying local ensures us, in addition, an unparalleled product quality. We can, moreover, see this thanks to the Quebec artists with whom we collaborate. Let's highlight these companies that are working hard to offer you the best on the market. Get ready to discover Twenty Compass, MariePaul, CréatiVal, BÄUM, Until I'm Done and Goye!

Twenty Compass

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Twenty Compass saw its very first day in Montreal thanks to a team of hard-working individuals led by Laurence Bédard. The company is inspired by the bohemian style in order to offer you jewelry reminiscent of the waves of the tropics. Twenty Compass works by incorporating the inspirations that the Earth, being an abundant source of adventure and natural treasures, bequeaths to its team during its travels. Her collection not only abounds with bracelets and necklaces made from natural stones, but also beautiful, delicate rings that are perfect for any occasion. Some jewelry options are even waterproof, allowing you to dive in style!

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 MariePaul is a local entrepreneur who has no fear when it comes to projects. Indeed, in addition to her jewelry collection, she also has a line of accessories adorned with silky pompoms, Mpompon, offering adorable looks. She devotes a distinguished importance to her jewels which she realizes with brilliance. Thus, its clientele enjoys affordable accessories at modest sums. Her rings and earrings, both made of 925 silver, add a touch of elegance to outfits with the promise of never tarnishing. The sparkling zircons are responsible for the resplendent effect of jewelry to create an image that makes people jealous!

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ssion for Valérie Forgues' jewelry making launched in 2014. Its unique bracelets and rings aim to assist women through their daily lives so that they can accomplish themselves with confidence. It is important for his team to be involved for his customers and to offer them all possible help. This is why it also offers an interesting fundraising opportunity for young women dedicated to their personal project. In short, its main mission is to give women extra strength and that's what motivates it to create remarkable products: what an inspiring company!

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BÄUM is a company proposed by Catherine Hallé, also co-owner of Bijouterie Do Vania, in collaboration with Roxane Kateb. Its multi-purpose lip balms are made with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. Its biodegradable formulas are cruelty-free and come in a travel-friendly format. Each product has its own virtues, which makes them so appealing. Our favourite, the Copenhagen balm, can, for example, be applied to a wound with the aim of healing it. Finally, we have to admit it: these eco-responsible balms make us dream!

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Until I'm Done

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Entrepreneur David Guay is passionate. He also wants to transmit his enthusiasm to the rest of the world through his clothing brand. Until I'm Done is, thus, a symbol of perseverance which advocates the thought that we always have a way to break down the wall threatening the achievement of our goals. The company therefore presents products that are as comfortable as they are suitable for the practice of physical activity. This criterion helps to support and give self-confidence to those who work hard in order to achieve the realization of their dreams.

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Stéphanie Goyer-Morin, Quebec artist, uses her talents as a ceramist to create extraordinary jewelry. His art, expressed in the form of ceramics, is due to his popularity. Its unique concept leaves no one indifferent as to the originality and quality of the products available. The result of his work is acclaimed by lovers of accessories, certainly marginal, but which in no way compromise the splendor!

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