La superposition de bijoux : nos conseils

Jewelry Layering: Our tips and tricks.

What is in right now? The layering of jewelry

Fall 2020 - September

You've probably fallen in love with the look of a stranger lately. The reason? It is very likely that it was due to their combination of jewelry.

Indeed, regardless of their colour, the more jewelry you wear the better. It will give you an unforgettable look that will make head turns. Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings: all types of accessories are needed to contribute to this remarkable style.

While there are no rules that dictate how to properly follow the stacking trend, we have, however, put together a list of tips and tricks based on our experience:

1. Varying thickness is key.

2. Mix bold jewelry featuring stones with simpler, minimalist ones.

3. Diversify chain lengths and wear the more delicate ones with pendants.

4. Prioritize larger earrings for the lower lobe piercing.

5. The silver color of white gold compliments the stones of yellow gold jewelry.

6. White gold pairs perfectly with yellow gold and rose gold.

7. Choose a bolder piece of jewelry to create a stunning effect, and compliment it with thinner, minimal jewelry to balance it all.

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